Ultimate Herpes Protocol – Recipe for weight loss

Recipe for weight loss – Collect the following composition:

•    Two parts of buck-thorn bark, and kelp (seaweed);

•    One of the nettle, pharmacy licorice, dried fruit red mountain ash, Siberian Ginseng,

•    1.5 parts dry yarrow;

•    0.5 parts quality flaxseed.

The resulting charge stored in a dry jar, shaking it, before take a portion of brewing prepared as follows: in the evening pour boiling water a tablespoon of prepared herbs wrapped. You can use a thermos. In the morning, strain the infusion and wring it out. Take this drink three times a day, approximately 1.2 – 3.1 cups, preferably before meals. Rate of application can be extended to three months.

In parallel, it is desirable to follow the diet, add to the diet products with bran. The course starts working liver, intestine, actively cleans, stabilizes the nervous system. Join the community healthy and slim people, and herbal medicine for weight loss certainly will help you with this!

Exercises for losing weight in front of TV – To be in shape is not necessary to buy a subscription to the gym, but you can learn 10 exercises for losing weight in front of TV, which will help you quickly get in shape. Do them regularly, browsing their favorite shows. In this case, the results will be pleased with you soon enough. For turning the shoulders and arms fit this exercise: take small dumbbells (they may well be replaced by bottles filled with sand or water) and follow the sitting breeding hands (15 times) with a load in the party.

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